Student’s Rights in Expulsion

November 7, 2012

(US and generally) Expulsion is very disrupting in any student’s or parent’s life. If your child is facing expulsion, remember he has the right to defend himself. Every student still has their constitution rights, even after they step onto campus or enter the school doors. Unfortunately, there are many examples of schools and school districts […]

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What’s the difference in penalty for drug zone volition in a school zone?

September 25, 2012

(US criminal law and issues) In the world of crime, the worst offenses involve any illegal act involving a child. Hence, society considers the lowest thief to be someone who would “steal candy from a baby.” The corruption of innocence offends society. We don’t tolerate it. As much as we hate the consequences of drugs, […]

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What Does Larceny Mean For You?

July 19, 2012

(US criminal law) It is rare for a person to use the word “Larceny” in common usage unless they are specifically talking about a crime. It is far more typical to hear words like “theft” and “burglary”, but these are not strictly the same thing under the letter of the law. In the strictest sense […]

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The Controversial Bail Bonds Business (US Law)

July 4, 2012

Bail bonds is an industry in the United States that depends on aspects of the US legal system. This business has gained some notoriety due to certain films and television shows. There are many misconceptions about the money and the funds involved in these transactions. What Is Bail? When the local, state or federal government […]

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Falsely Accused – Legal Defenses To A Murder Charge (US Law)

June 26, 2012

A conviction of murder carries with it harsh penalties, the worst being the death penalty. However, a criminal defense attorney can use a number of legal defenses to try to beat the charge. The burden of proof lies squarely on the shoulders of the prosecutor. However, to make a stronger case, a defense attorney would […]

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