What to Look for In a Deposition Summary?

by Criminal Defence Blawg on May 29, 2021

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Depositions are essential parts of the case where you hear someone’s point of view. It’s the perfect time to take note of the evidence clearly. When you’re creating a deposition summary, there are some key elements to make it well-rounded. Here are some pivotal points to look for in a deposition summary.

Use Relevant Material

Staying on topic is important when presenting information in a legal format. Not only will you be making your point clearer, but the jury and the judge will take your best deposition summaries seriously. Think of a few major points to focus on to help you make a stronger argument. It’ll help make it easier for your attorney to present the case more in your favor. Not to mention, it saves a lot of time by getting right to the nitty grit of what needs to be said.

Don’t Change the Context of the Material

Be careful to keep everything how it is presented in the case. Remember, you’re going for factual things as opposed to theoretical things. If a person drove a car over someone’s foot, then say that. Don’t say, “he may have run into the person’s leg.” He completely changes everything because the severity and immediacy of the incident are not included. Always include the important information because that’s what everyone in the court is going to see as the trial plays out.

Clarity Is Everything

You need to have a neutral tone going into the bulk of the information you present. That means you need to avoid editing within the summary. A good method to make it easier to get the best deposition summaries is by outlining specific topics. One, it’s easier to organize all of your data into a cohesive argument. Two, your lawyer will be able to speak on things much better. A few lines with the main details for each topic is a good way to break things up over a few pages.

Adapt to the Situation

One of the major things is truly listening to the witness’ testimony. Get every major detail in writing. You never want to be in a situation where an attorney summarizes the deposition and you get checked for something and you have no way to cover your tracks. Think of the nuances of each thing said and understand how that can come into play down the line.

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