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Illinois’ Concealed Carry Law – The Basics

December 10, 2016

The Illinois legislature has now enacted the Firearms Concealed Carry Act. Illinois has now joined the rest of the United States in allowing the concealed carry of a handgun. An Illinois concealed carry permit allows a person to have a loaded or unloaded handgun to be carried: on the person either completely, or mostly, concealed […]

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Police crime statistics lose their ‘national statistics’ status

January 30, 2014

The gold-standard Office of National Statistics (ONS) status has been withdrawn from the police’s crime statistics by the UK Statistics Authority.  In its ‘Assessment of compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics’ report published on 15 January 2014 the Authority stated that it took the action as it has found, ‘accumulating evidence that […]

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Fighting Crime With Technology

December 2, 2013

When it comes to fighting crime, there are a number of great apps on the market that can help law enforcement and citizens. There are several different apps available: some focus on keeping firearms out of the hands of convicted criminals while others are designed to help law enforcement pursue new leads for various crimes. […]

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What Are Prison Facilities Like in Canada?

November 9, 2013

The prison system in Canada is quite different than others around the world, for a few reasons. For instance, Canada had been criticized for its low incarceration rates in comparison to other countries, particularly the United States: according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canadian prisons only have about 1/7th of the incarceration […]

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A Quick History of the Electric Chair

October 17, 2013

The popular Warner Brothers film The Green Mile was my first cinematic exposure to the electric chair. I knew the technology existed, but the scene in which the inmate catches fire during execution turned an abstraction into reality. I came to find out that the history of this killing machine is rooted more in deception […]

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Twitter Trolling and Legal Implications

September 28, 2013

The internet is a medium where free speech can not be controlled, the anonymity and depths mean that policing the web is an almost unobtainable notion. There are many out there that believe the internet should not be policed at all, as it is the most powerful breakthrough in the battle to have our voices […]

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Falsey Accused? Six Reasons For False Rape Raps

September 16, 2013

It’s a four-letter word that staggers the senses and enrages the emotions — rape. Perhaps second only to murder in the pecking order of violent crimes, this physically demeaning and abusive treatment, upon conviction, deserves the harshest and most severe penalties. Violating the sanctity of human expression through physical intimacy, rapists are vile individuals in need […]

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Do Prisons Truly Serve Society?

August 28, 2013

Prison is an unpleasant subject: they are, after all, where people we’d rather not deal with go to disappear.  The idea, noble on its face, is that criminals are rehabilitated in prison, and can return to society changed by the experience (and convinced by it that they never want to return).  Unfortunately, that change is […]

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Gang Detectives Investigate Non Injury Shooting in San Diego

August 15, 2013

On Tuesday July 17 gang detectives investigated a shooting that occurred in the San Ysidro area of San Diego. According to an officer of the San Diego police force, the shooting occurred slightly before 10:30 PM on Monday. The officer’s report also indicated that the shooting happened in the 100 block of East Park Avenue. […]

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Brave Customer Fends off Suspect During an Attempted Robbery

August 4, 2013

According to San Diego police, there was an altercation at an electronics store in the suburban Clairemont Mesa region. On Tuesday July 16 an armed gunman walked into a Radio Shack. The individual apparently wanted to rob the store. The attempted armed robbery was reported at 8:45 PM on Monday according to a report issued […]

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