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An Overview of Tax Evasion in the U.S.

June 5, 2013

Taxpayers in the United States often complain that their taxes are too high and their salaries are too small, sometimes going to the lengths of not even paying their taxes. But the phenomenon of tax evasion has widely been observed with those who earn the most, such as bankers, politicians, celebrities, and CEOs. In this […]

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Financial Crimes – Getting Advice & Representation

April 18, 2013

Financial crimes throughout England and Wales can be investigated and prosecuted by various authorities such as the police and HMRC. In fact HM Revenue and Customs have the equivalent powers to the police and other bodies. With cuts to budgets and money needing to be made bodies are more than ever pressured into seeking prosecution […]

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Famous Tax Evaders

February 14, 2013

From the moment people began to draw a substantial income, they become painfully aware of the bittersweet phenomena of income tax withdrawals. Simply put, the more you make, the more the government takes out in taxes. Though there isn’t anything you can do about it legally, many famous people have decided to try their luck […]

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Is It Crucial to Pay Tax?

January 13, 2013

There are many who believe that they can easily avoid taxes and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will hardly notice such activities. Many of them have a question does it really make any difference if they fail to pay taxes? It certainly makes a major difference and the worst will happen when the IRS will learn […]

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Reasons to Penalize or Debar Income Tax Return Preparer

January 11, 2013

Many people in Florida hire professionals to claim compensation or portion of tax return. Sometimes these professionals face problems as Internal Revenue Code incorporated several hazards for income tax return preparers.  These preparers are subjected to several general penalty provisions along with specific penalties aimed at them. You may have to incur penalties for overstating […]

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Consequences a Tax Payer will Face if He Fails to File Tax for Years

January 2, 2013

(US criminal law) A taxpayer who has failed to pay the tax for years might feel that the probable penalties will be lenient. However, in actual their offense is similar to that of the taxpayers who have ignored paying tax deliberately. Thus the declared legal penalties will be more or less similar for both the […]

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Learn About Tax Evasion Crimes

November 20, 2012

It is the duty of every citizen to pay their taxes on time every year. Paying taxes is necessary for all and failing to do so can have serious consequences. When an individual uses illegal means to avoid paying taxes, it is considered to be a crime that is known as tax evasion. Any attempt […]

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How Does a Tax Lawyer Help You

November 20, 2012

When tax payers face problems with the state department of revenue or the Internal Revenue Service, they may solve it themselves. However, since United States tax law is extremely complex, it is important to hire a lawyer when dealing with such complex legal issues. Because of the intricacies of tax law, it may be difficult […]

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