An inevitable tactical switch by squatters

November 7, 2012

James Swede of Darlingtons reports on the latest manifestation of the squatting issue. More content from James can be found at http://www.darlingtons.com and also at http://www.beingaleaseholder.co.uk. With the new criminalisation of residential squatting, many will say it was inevitable that the squatters would simply shift their tactics and their possessions to unoccupied commercial premises instead. […]

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Fraud law – the Tchenguiz case

May 9, 2012

At the focal point of this dispute is the UK’s largest residential freehold portfolio, worth an estimated £2bn and the complexities associated with many civil fraud cases. It was from this Vincent was able to make payments needed for his extensive network of offshore and UK based companies. In 2008 Vincent pledged shares in his […]

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