Drunk Driving: The Holiday Doom

by jaredadams on June 10, 2018

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Holidays involve festivity, cheer, celebrations, dancing and inevitably – drinking. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, the instances of drunk driving are expected to shoot up, and by the law of proportion the control and punitive measures of the law enforcement agencies as well.

The natural instinct and argument says holidays are the time for unrestricted revelry. Drinks and food form the most integral part of it. But does a DUI need to be a definite collateral damage then? Not necessarily. A little attention and alertness on our part can make the roads a lot safer for ourselves and others and the festive times a lot happier.

Beware of Sobriety Checkpoints During Festivals
Sobriety Checkpoints become more frequent on roadways during festive times. Suspicion of drunk driving is much higher and random drivers are stopped to check for alcohol use or other criminal activity. These checkpoints are announced in advance and it is best if you keep track of them and know that drinking and driving will get you in trouble on these roads.

Alternatives to Driving Back
If you know you are going to be drinking and will be using a car, having a designated driver should be your priority. The state also provides certain free public transportation services on holidays like Christmas and New Year which you can always take advantage of.

In 2011, to prevent drunk driving accidents and arrests Denver metro offered free rides on the city’s metropolitan transit system on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day as well. Beer manufacturers Miller Coors handed out free $10 taxi vouchers in cities.

Besides that, hosting a party at home or going to a party that has an after-party space where you can wait for the night and do not need to drive back is a safer alternative. That way you obliterate your chances of a DUI.

Having the phone numbers of some local cab companies when there is an unplanned drinking bout and you feel too intoxicated to go behind the wheel is a good idea. So make sure you have them saved in your cell phone.

Roving Patrols
Festive times increase the number of moving patrols on the roads. Any signs of impaired driving and you will be pulled aside on suspicion of drunk driving or criminal activity. So if you are thinking of going behind the wheels after a couple of drinks give the idea up, even if you are not feeling intoxicated. The BAC count may not be the most correct estimate of drunk driving but it is definitely the one that stands and you never know what it reflects when.

Have an Understanding of Your BAC
While alcohol tends to affect different bodies differently, having a BAC level of 0.08 or more is what really establishes your DUI charges.

Now the alcohol content per drink whether a glass of wine, one beer or one shot is approximately the same. However, how this alcohol affects your body will depend on factors like the amount consumed, the time gap between consecutive drinks, and your body weight, among other things.

So on an average a 170-pound man will move up to the 0.08 level in say 4 drinks on an empty stomach, while a woman of about 140 pounds will reach the same levels in about three drinks on an empty stomach.

Underage DUI
The state of Colorado has extremely strict laws for underage DUI. In Colorado ‘express consent’ functions automatically. This states that by driving in the state you automatically give permission to chemical testing of breath, blood and urine if an enforcement officer suspects you of drunk driving. If you refuse, your license will be revoked immediately for a year.

When it comes to drinking and driving below the age of 21, drivers with a BAC between 0.02 and 0.08 face automatic revocation of their license. Even if they are found with alcohol in their vehicle, they will have their license revoked.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention more than half of fatal motor accidents involving teen drivers occur on weekends. Therefore holidays obviously increase the incidence of teen arrests in DUIs.
It is important that underage drinking during holidays and festive season is prevented.

Immediate Legal Advice and Assistance
In the state of Colorado, if you want to prevent revoking of your license post DUI charges, reach a DUI attorney quickly. They will help you in preventing the revocation of your license and severe depletion of your driver’s license points by investigating your charges and collecting evidence that proves you are innocent.

And if you have been injured in a car accident, speak to a car accident injury lawyer – see e.g. Rosengard Law Group

Breath test reports, video evidence of your performance on the sobriety tests, etc. is not preserved by the police for long time and so it is important that you contact an attorney immediately who will get you the best possible solution and outcome. Colorado DUI laws are quite complicated and require expert legal knowledge and ability to be dealt with.

Drunk driving charges in Colorado can cause you driver’s license suspension, large fines, and a criminal record blot, that will be seen by your future employers and banks, thus reducing your credibility. You might even face jail time for repeat offenses.

So try to avoid drinking and driving this holiday season, and if you do, opt for legal assistance immediately. Let the holiday be a holiday and not a nightmare.

Jared Adams, a DUI Lawyer in Denver, Colorado, provides aggressive representation for individuals facing criminal charges.

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