Top 10 White Collar Offenses

by Criminal Defence Blawg on April 21, 2013

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Noting some of the top 10 white collar offenses shortly, a definition of exactly what white collar crime needs to be explained. Contrary to most thinking, white collar crime is not a victimless crime. When people think of a crime being committed, it is usually equated to physical violence.

That physical violence can emit from somebody being mugged, to someone being shot in the course of a robbery. Yes, they are crimes but white collar crimes happen to occur by individuals who are typically employed in highly respected positions. These positions can be centered as perceived respectable people where they are entrusted with the money of investors and the like.

The actions taken by the following top 10 white collar offenses hits at the very heart of the finances of people and can cause a long term effect on the security of their finances.

Top 10 White Collar Offenses
#1 Money laundering
#2 Copyright infringements
#3 Insider trading
#4 Tax evasion
#5 Bribery
#6 Ponzi schemes
#7 Identity theft
#8 Cyber crimes
#9 False advertising
#10 Unfair labor practices

For each and every incident of these white collar crimes listed there are innumerable examples of how people have taken advantage of the money entrusted to them. From this money, they have gone to various means to make it profitable for them and them only.

Although people do not get killed generally from these crimes, they certainly do affect the financial security that people have worked hard all their working years to establish. Corporations have been known to go bankrupt because of these crimes, life savings of people have been depleted because of the results of these type crimes and the government has been defrauded of millions of dollars because of schemes related to white collar crime.

This may be the top 10 white collar offenses but certainly is not the end of the list. People are always trying to come up with means to get money from people without working on their behalf. These crimes may seem not to affect a person’s livelihood, but they certainly do affect the outlook on life that people have.

Having a book published and then finding out that someone has stolen that idea and has written a best seller based on what you wrote certainly takes money away from the original author. Copyright infringement happens and it is a crime.

Having attorneys that represent people who are convicted of a white collar crime can get complicated. The more complicated a case happens to be, the more reason to have an attorney who understands the law at this level.

Being involved in a white collar crime requires an experienced attorney that can get to the heart of the matter. Having an experienced attorney that specializes in these type cases increases the odds that a favorable leniency sentence can possible happen.

Christopher J McCann is an Orange County DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney who can help clients facing these type white collar offense situations as a California Fraud Attorney. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm.

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