Idaho Inmate Indicted for Prison Mail Fraud

by ParkmanLaw on April 11, 2013

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Mark Anthony Brown, who is serving time on a burglary conviction in the Idaho Department of Corrections, was indicted on twelve felony counts of federal mail fraud on March 13, 2013 in United States District Court. Federal prosecutors say that Brown netted at least $64,000 from various ongoing class-action suits and bankruptcies by running a mail fraud scheme from his prison cell.

According to the court filings, while Brown was an inmate at a facility in Oklahoma from September 2007 through April 2009, he managed to submit phony claims forms to the administrators of various class-action lawsuit and bankruptcy settlements. Prosecutors contend that he used these forms as proof that he was entitled to funds from various companies like: IMB Corp., Levi Strauss & CO., and NovaStar Financial Inc. The indictment says that Brown would seek out these illegitimate payouts, asking that the funds be deposited into his inmate trust account or to accounts with American Century Investments. The majority of the funds that were placed in his inmate trust account were subsequently transferred to American Century.

More than half of the funds Brown acquired came from GlaxoSmithKline litigation regarding its average wholesale pricing. It is alleged that Brown received a check in May of 2009 for $6,090, and a much larger payout in September of that year for nearly $30,000.

Mark Anthony Brown was incarcerated out of Ada County on two convictions of burglary, one of grand theft, and one of grand theft by possession. His next eligible date of parole is in October of 2019.

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