Facts About DUI’s in Fresno, CA

by LaurenRay on July 11, 2013

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In Fresno, CA, if you are caught driving under the influence (DUI), you’ll face stiff penalties and consequences. In fact, if you’re arrested and charged with a DUI anywhere in California, you’ll face two separate trials – a criminal trial for the DUI charges, and an administrative hearing for the suspension of your driver’s license.

Below are what you can expect when you are arrested for DUI, whether it’s your first or second offense:

First Time DUI: When you are arrested for DUI in Fresno, your license will be immediately confiscated by the arresting officer, and you are issued a 30-day temporary driving permit in its place. You then have ten days to request a review of your license suspension with the DMV. If you fail to request the review in those ten days, you’ll automatically lose your license without the right to appeal.

If you took a blood or breath test, and the results yielded a BAC of .08% or greater, a first offense will result in a four month license suspension. Generally speaking, if you have a clean record, this is your first DUI, and the DUI did not result in the death or serious injury of any individual, you will not be required to serve any jail time. You will, however, be placed on probation, which can range from six months to three years, and you’ll have to pay heavy fines, up to $1,000 for a first offense.

Second Time DUI: Any individual convicted of a second DUI offense will lose their license for two years, be required to serve 96 hours of jail time, pay heavy fines, and participate in a driving under the influence program that is approved by the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. In addition, two time DUI offenders are required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle.

Once you’ve been charged with a DUI, you can expect your car insurance rates to go up (sometimes up to double your current rates), and your life to generally get more difficult because you’ll be reliant on family/friends or public transportation to get around. You may also end up putting yourself in a bad position financially trying to pay all of the fines. You’ll need a reputable DUI attorney to help you navigate the DUI waters and give yourself the best opportunity to avoid conviction.

For more information about DUI’s in Fresno County, contact the Law Offices of Robert Troncoso at 559-677-7384.





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