The Best Car Alarms for Concerned Owners

by tylercook on October 23, 2013

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Most people want to protect their property in the best way possible. Theft is on the rise. Your car is a large investment, so it’s important to have a solid car alarm in place. To avoid constant worrying, here are five of the best car alarms available for concerned owners:

1. Viper 5902 Responder SuperCode
This Viper unit has top technological features to keep your car safe. It was originally developed for high-end vehicles. While it has a significantly higher price than other units, it is truly the best way to protect your automobile from harm. It utilizes 900MHz technology and provides one-mile color protection with a remote control. There is a convenient auto start feature as well. The HD status screen displays a variety of useful information, such as the temperature inside your car and reminders for expiring parking meter time. The Viper unit can also be paired with another vehicle.

2. Cliford 5702X Two Way Security
Cliford is known for superior car audio systems. They have released a car alarm that can provide you with great peace of mind. Its features include a one-mile range, vital-touch sensing, remote start, engine kill, vibration detection, and low-volume warning. There are more options available for your personal needs as well.

3. Python 911
The Python 911 is one of the best car alarms. It features a one-mile range that has a LC3 system with remote start and keyless entry. The unit confirms commands and system triggers with the Responder remote’s LCD screen and using tones and vibrations. In addition, the fail-safe starter kill and Stinger DoubleShock sensor will make sure you experience rare false alarms. This helps keep your neighborhood from being blasted when there is no real emergency.

4. Lo Jack
People are looking to protect their vehicles will like the Lo Jack. This alarm assures you, as the owner, that if theft occurs, the recovery of your car will take less than 24 hours. This excellent recovery uses an undetectable transmitter inside the system. Unlike similar devices, no additional fees are required. When a theft has occurred, an early warning that your vehicle has been moved can give law enforcement a head start.

5. Skytek Vision Guard 8000

The Skytek product is perfect for people concerned about the safety of their vehicles. It can take up to 10 color photos of the thief, which can be viewed on the remote. This system is very affordable considering its use of advanced technology. For example, the alarm uses long-range FM radio waves. Also, the remote can be programmed by computer or other personal device. This means that you do not need to carry the remote everywhere. The Skytek system has adaptive digital system processing, which means that the remote is compatible with engine disabling services and remote start controls.

The car alarms mentioned above are some of the best on the market. While these car alarms cannot guarantee that a thief won’t attempt mischief, the devices are definitely deterrents of crime and help in the recovery process. They also are less likely to trigger false alarms. Most importantly, you can gain peace of mind and keep your car protected.


Perry Milton is a freelance writer based in Tucson, Arizona. Perry enjoys writing on car mechanics, the auto industry, car alarms, car stereos, car technology and other associated topics; those curious about cars can click here to learn more about automotive call centers.




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