Robbery Prevention Tips for the Small Business Owner

by mariechan on February 10, 2013

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Ang and the safety mirror

Robbers don’t only target homes. In fact, many robbers look for small businesses that are easy targets from which they can make a fast getaway. If you want to prevent a robbery, and keep both your business and your employees safe, you’ve got to follow a few basic safety tips.

1.Keep Windows Clear

It can be tempting to plaster your windows and door with signage when you operate a small business, especially if your business is on a busy street. There’s often no better way to bring new customers in than with these brightly-colored signs. Keep in mind, however, that if your employees can’t see out, no one can see in. Stop a moment and think about how attractive this may be to a potential criminal. He or she can enter your business, make your employees lock the doors and rob you blind; no one would be the wiser. Keep your windows and doors clear.

2.Use a Drop Safe

If you do get robbed, you don’t want to lose a whole day’s take. Make sure that you are using a drop safe throughout the day. Your cash drawer should be emptied at least once per shift, allowing you to keep only a small amount of cash in the drawer itself. Additionally, keep your cash register closer to the front of your business and in plain view of the door and window. This simple placement will deter a robber who would rather conduct business in the back of your store or office, out of sight from the street.


Mirrors should be installed throughout your business. Place mirrors above the door so that your employees can see who is entering the office or store. Keep mirrors installed on any hallway corners so you always have a clear view of who is coming and going. If you aren’t sure how to install the mirrors so that they will serve their best purpose, consult your local police or security professionals. These people can help you install mirrors so that they are as effective as they can be.


Do your employees know how to spot a suspicious person or activity that may indicate that a crime is about to take place? Provide training for your employees; they are often your first line of defense against a robbery. Your employees should understand not only how to spot suspicious people, but what to do when they think something isn’t right. You should encourage your employees to trust their “gut.” People often subconsciously know when something isn’t right.

5.Alarm System

No business should be in operation without an alarm system. A professional installer can discuss options with you to help you design the best system for your company. At a minimum, you should have alarms that alert to glass breakage and unauthorized entry. If you handle money, you may want to include a panic button at the front register, one near your safe and one in any separate offices. These buttons are silent and, if kept out of sight, can be an invaluable safety tool for everyone that works in your business.

Keep in mind that no matter how secure your business, you still stand a chance of being robbed. Your employees should understand that they are to cooperate with any robber. Remember that cash and merchandise can be replaced; people can’t be.

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