Protecting against crime: How to make your home secure

by Criminal Defence Blawg on March 28, 2013

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(Guest post) Are you confident that your home is as secure as it can be against a break in? Burglaries are so common nowadays, and you really need to be vigilant to ensure that your home is not the next one on their list. Here we look at some ways to make life harder for those opportunist thieves who like to capitalize on our carelessness.

The Truth

One thing we need to get straight about is the fact that no matter how many locks and alarms you install, a professional thief can always enter your home. But if you make your home as secure as you can, they will usually not bother. Thieves are lazy and will always choose the easy option.

Visible Routines

Thieves love it when they spot somebody in a regular routine; in fact they make a living from this. If you make a show of leaving the house every Saturday at 3pm and returning at 6pm, somebody may be watching you. You don’t have to remain in your house all day and night, but try to vary your activities a little in future.


If you are planning an extended break from your home, you should inform the local police in advance. They will be only too happy to keep an eye on your property whilst you are on the beach. You should also cancel your newspaper and magazine delivery in case they become visible from your mailbox.


An unkempt lawn is another sign that the house has been left empty for a while. Ask your friendly neighbor to run their mower over your patch a few times. This will send a sign to any would be thieves that your house is being lived in. If they are reticent to do this, just offer to return the favor and bring them back some duty free!

Security Lights 

A decent lighting system in your garden is an excellent deterrent for opportunist thieves. You should think about some powerful floodlights and link them up to a motion sensor. Ensure that these are mounted nice and high or otherwise the burglar may be cheeky enough to remove the bulbs. If you have any dark spots in your garden you should try to illuminate these with your security lights. You can also employ a timer system for these lights to come on at a particular time of the day or the night.

Window Locks

One of the easiest ways to access your home is via the windows. Thieves are always on the lookout for open or damaged windows in your home. You should replace and broken frames and think about using some interior locks for your decent windows. Just go to your local home improvement center and you will have many choices for any type of window.

Door Alarm

Battery operated door alarms are cheap and can be very effective. Buy a quality system and you can be secure in knowing that your door will give off a very loud signal if it is opened by force. Most burglars will flee the scene immediately upon hearing this siren.

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Mike Wharton is the author of today’s guest post. He leads the group of criminal lawyers in his county. Apart from being a lawyer, he is also an active citizen and constantly takes part in awarenesss campaigns for safer homes in the county. He is also a passionate blogger.

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