Victim of a Texting and Driving Accident? How You Should Proceed

by sarahb on January 15, 2013

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Texting while driving

Victim of a Texting and Driving Accident? How You Should Proceed

(U. S. Law and generally) Car accidents can happen at any point in time, and many people become victims of these incidents through no fault of their own. It’s understandable that an accident victim will be disheartened after being injured due to another driver, but when these accidents are caused because an individual was texting while driving, it can be especially discouraging. The majority of states in the U.S. ban texting by all drivers; in fact, only eight states have no legislation about texting and driving. Regardless, it’s important for anyone who is injured due to this cause to know how to handle the situation.

Check for Injuries

It’s imperative for an individual to check on the passengers in the vehicle and those inside the other vehicles involved in the collision. If anyone is injured, it’s important to dial 9-1-1 immediately to get emergency personnel on the scene. It’s vital not to attempt to pull anyone out of the vehicle unless there is an imminent danger involved (ie. fire, gas leak).

The majority of road accidents are caused by someone’s neglectfulness, and a texting and driving situation is no different. The injuries sustained during a texting while driving accident can be just as serious as any other type of accident. According to, texting while driving can be riskier even than drinking while driving, since the reaction time of a driver who is texting is three times worse than a driver under the influence.

Contact Authorities
Even if no one is injured in the accident, it’s important to call the police to file an accident report. Police will ask for both drivers’ versions of the accident. If the at-fault driver was texting before the collision, it’s very important to point this out to the officer on the scene. Police will likely take photographs of the accident scene, but it never hurts for a person to take pictures immediately after the accident occurs.

Obtain the Other Driver’s Information
Far too many people make the mistake of not contacting authorities after an accident, and this sometimes leads to a driver failing to get the other party’s information. This includes name, tag number and all car insurance information. Even if the at fault driver was obviously behaving dangerously by texting, his or her insurance company will have to cover the costs related to the accident.

Visit a Doctor
It’s understandable that a person may not feel he or she needs a doctor immediately following an accident. If any type of pain starts to develop, however, it’s important to quickly seek medical attention. It’s actually safer to visit a doctor even if a person’s injuries seem minor. Whiplash is an injury that may seem small at first, but it can lead to serious consequences, including mood disorders, if left untreated. It’s vital to keep all medical bills related to these medical visits.

Contact an Attorney
Contacting an attorney is one of the most pertinent things for a person to do after becoming the victim of an accident caused by a texting driver. Most victims simply contact the negligent party’s insurance company, but these companies will likely try to pay out the least amount possible. They’re also not going to be quick to offer up compensation for pain and suffering. An experienced attorney will know how to handle these kinds of cases.

Texting while driving was not a significant issue even a decade ago, but the increased rate of accidents being caused by this activity makes it necessary for everyone to know how to handle these occurrences. A simple Google search of “hit by texting driver” will return numerous stories of people injured or killed by this negligent behavior. Unfortunately, this unsafe activity is likely to continue, and knowing how to deal with these situations from the start will ensure that a victim isn’t ruined by the accident.

Sarah Bishop is a freelance writer and victim’s rights advocate who contributes this article for anyone who has been a victim of a texting while driving accident. If you have been injured in any type of accident in Texas, check the site at for extensive information and attorney referrals for your area.

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