Tips on Spotting a Bad Driver on the Road

by seohemanta on January 2, 2013

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A good Clearwater personal injury lawyer has examined nearly every kind of car accident — and every kind of car accident driver. Some of these bad drivers are easy to spot on the road, but how often do you really notice them? Next time you’re moving along in traffic, keep an eye out for these bad drivers and see how many can you spot?

The Drifter.This driver isn’t great at staying in his lane. He can often be seen moving slowly, almost carelessly, over dividing lines or even onto the shoulder of the road. Is he falling asleep? Is he surfing through radio stations? Is he lost in deep existential thoughts? Whatever his reasons, The Drifter is drifting. Keep a wide berth.

The iPhone Junky.Some people just can’t set aside their habits. Even if their habits are putting them in danger. The iPhone junky knows that distracted driving is a threat to all drivers on the road, but he/she just received the funniest video of a kitten playing with a roll of toilet paper, and they have to share it with all of their friends right now. Steer clear of the iPhone junkies: They are only focusing a fraction of their attention on the road.

Mr. Muffler.Mr. Muffler is the easiest to spot. This is because you can hear him well before you see him. And he likes it that way. He has spent a lot of money making his car very fast and very loud, and he wants you to notice his efforts. This driver is looking for attention. If he gets that attention, all that noise is distracting and might just cause an accident. Easiest thing to do is to let Mr. Muffler pass on by. But don’t make eye contact with him: He may challenge you to a drag race.

Joking aside, bad drivers are to be avoided at all costs. A Clearwater personal injury lawyer knows how dangerous the drivers listed above can be; and you better believe there are plenty of other bad drivers out there. Remember to wear a seatbelt and drive defensively. And if you get into an accident due to another driver’s negligence, be sure to call and speak with a personal injury lawyer.




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