Save By Obeying The Law

by Randy Collins on May 8, 2012

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Being a mom, as you all know, can easily lead you into the theatre industry, depending on the role you’re playing for the minute or the day. Only, it’s not acting – it’s real life. We’re forced into being chameleons, taking on multiple jobs as a nurse, teacher, cheerleader, and the list goes on.

I recall when I became a first-time mom, I stopped driving like a road raging maniac, and went on to become a slow coach, driving no more, and no less than 40 miles per hour. This of course, is because I was now carrying very special cargo.

Then, as time went on, I realized my calendar became loaded with activities: including school drop-offs and pick-ups, chauffeuring to lessons and doctor’s appointments. You get the drill. There’s a lot of driving involved as a mom – for both stay-at-homers, and those who work as well. Ultimately, you’re bound to be late at times with little kids who always show up with the unexpected.
The point is, when things get hectic, as it has for me, don’t speed while driving. It’ll cost you extra, in terms of finances, driver’s license points and the risk of injury.

Take a breather. Then realize that ALL can wait. So what if you spend an extra 15 minutes waiting at the doctor? It happens. Ask yourself before you speed, is that on-sale item really worth the cost of these risks? While frugal living and extreme couponing is something to get motivated about, it’s counterproductive when you end up spending more on a speeding ticket.

Getting to the point… a ticket will set you back a couple hundred dollars. And therefore, frugal moms will save when they obey traffic laws.

Randy Collins

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