5 Reasons Why You May Want to Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Traffic Ticket

by Criminal Defence Blawg on July 31, 2012

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Guest criminal defence blog post, mainly based on US law and general principles, outlining 5 reasons why you may want to hire a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket.

Sometimes it just makes sense to pay the fine for a minor speeding, an illegal turn, or running a red light. If you have a good driving record and are cited for a minor infraction, chances are the fine will not be excessive. The judge may even decide on a reduced penalty without any defense statement from you. You should also look at options offered in some areas such as deferment.

On the other hand, a major infraction such as DUI can cost you thousands of dollars in fines, increased car insurance rates, and fees associated with the reinstatement of your driving privileges. A lawyer who has experience in traffic court may be able to save you an enormous amount of money. Some of the savings are realized years down the road.

Reducing Or Eliminating The Fine

A serious moving violation may carry a penalty of as much as $1,000 in some jurisdictions. If you already have points accumulated on your driving record, another speeding ticket could put you over the top, resulting in a suspension of your license.

An attorney speaking on your behalf may be able to work out a deal with the court. Your fine may be reduced and you may be required to complete some community service in lieu of paying the full amount. If you have no prior violations, your lawyer may be able to eliminate the fine altogether if the circumstances leading up to the infraction are clearly explained.

Arguing The Citation

If the infraction is serious and you believe you are innocent, hiring an attorney to represent you may save you a great deal of money. Lawyers with experience in traffic court matters may successfully argue that the citation was unwarranted. In the end, the only cost you pay is for the services of your legal representative

Preventing Insurance Rate Hikes

If you have one or two violations on record, your latest infraction could have a very damaging impact on your insurance premiums. An attorney may be able to successfully defend you against the charge, eliminating the increased insurance costs.

A major traffic violation could result in a fine of $500 and an estimated $2,000 hike in insurance rates over the next two years. If your attorney charges $300 for his/her services and successfully fights the traffic charge, you would save a total of $2,200. On the other hand, you save nothing if you pay the fine because your insurance rates will increase when you renew your policy.

Help With License Reinstatement

If you lose your driving privileges due to a serious infraction or multiple citations, a lawyer may be the best bet for reducing the cost of having the license reinstated. The attorney is experienced in handling the problem of explaining circumstances to a traffic court as well as to the license bureau, and find ways to protect their client.

The cost of paperwork to have a license suspension reversed can be staggering, and most court decisions include a stipulation that requires the defendant to pay all of these costs.

An attorney may be able to reduce amount of your fine. This in turn may lead to a lower overall cost to have your suspended license reinstated. The attorney may further argue that reinstatement should cost less if you successfully complete a driver education course. This could save you thousands of dollars over time.

Free Consultation Available

Many lawyers will offer a free consultation in order to gather facts concerning your case. There are usually one or two key points the attorney wants to cover in order to determine if you have a chance of beating a traffic ticket in court. The attorney wants to make a profit on the deal and at the same time offer you a good price for his or her services.

Remember that a traffic lawyer cannot guarantee in writing that you will be able to have a traffic citation thrown out in court. Nor can an attorney promise that a fine will be reduced to zero. It is up to you to decide what the chances are of winning such a court battle, one in which you will have to pay the lawyer no matter what the outcome.

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