M6 and M42 Speed Cameras: An Opportunity To Re-open Your Case

by Lucia on April 2, 2013

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So – you’ve been convicted of speeding on the M6 or M42?

For motorists who have been convicted of speed offences on the M42 or M6 (prior to 27th November 2013 – this year), may now have the opportunity to re-open your case due to the variable speed limit signage
What does this mean for those motorists convicted?
You can now make an application before the convicting Magistrates Court to re-open your conviction and set the sentence aside.
After your case has been re-opened, the Crown Prosecution Service are required to decide if they wish to proceed with your prosecution.
Motorists will ask their speeding offence solicitor to challenge your conviction and penalty points and the Crown Prosecution Service will decide on prosecution. It is worth noting that the final decision will be determined on an individual case basis.
If you have been affected by a speeding fine you should contact a specialist motoring offence solicitor to help your fight case.
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