Synthetic Marijuana: Is It More Dangerous Than the Real Thing?

by jamicajdb on May 23, 2013

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Synthetic Marijuana: Is It More Dangerous Than the Real Thing?

Synthetic marijuana was first developed in a laboratory in South Carolina as a possible treatment for specific diseases that required pain management. The lab was able to recreate the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, with ease and in stronger strengths. However, the substance was never approved for medicinal use because of the serious side effects it had on those who took the medication. Sadly, the formula quickly made it to the public, and synthetic pot became easy to find and cheaper to purchase than the real thing.

K2 or Spice

In 2004, synthetic marijuana began being sold as a potpourri blend or incense sticks under the name of K2 or Spice. Retailing for about $10 per gram, this synthetic version was much cheaper than the authentic counterpart. Because the product was being sold as a room freshener, it was available to anyone who desired to purchase it and was not regulated on any level. While many stores have pulled these products from their shelves, there is still a lot that remains available to anyone looking to get high.

The Problem with Synthetic Pot

There are two main problems with mock marijuana: quality issues and severe reactions to ingredients.

Quality Issues – Since this is not a specifically formulated item for any use other than freshening the air, producers of this product can add any of their ingredients at any amounts with little repercussions. This means that each batch is different, and that may be be deadly.
Reactions to Ingredients – Imitation pot is much more concentrated than the real thing and causes more severe reactions in consumers who use it. A study conducted in 2011 showed that 11 percent of all users of synthetic marijuana experienced a psychotic episode that lasted from a few minutes to several days while using the substance. The researchers believe that the number may be much higher because many users will not admit to this type of event, and countless others will not admit to using the material at all.

Synthetic Pot and DUI

Motorists who use synthetic cannabis should not operate a motor vehicle. Synthetic pot may be legal to purchase, but it will impact your ability to think and operate a car. In fact, there has been an increase in DUI arrests that are directly connected to this product according to the National Highway Safety Council.

Though synthetic marijuana is legal in most states, it is illegal in some, like the state of Florida. This current law has provided ample opportunities for those in the legal community, such as a Tampa DUI attorney, Miami DWI lawyer, and the like to gain the experience needed to defend those charged with this crime. For example, in the event you reside in this state and are arrested for driving under the influence of this substance, it is a good idea to seek the legal counsel of a professional who specializes in this type of incident. A Tampa DUI attorney, Orlando defense lawyer, or any other type of DUI legal representative may be helpful in this upsetting misfortune.

This substance can alter your ability to think, react to situations, or make good judgment calls on the road. Additionally, since the product is not regulated, each time you use it you could have a different experience, including a psychotic episode.

Synthetic Pot and Teens

Parents should be aware that this type of drug is easily accessible to kids. There are no age restrictions at this time concerning the purchase of Spice or K2, and there are no limits on the amount that can be purchased.

Teens wrongfully believe that, since they can purchase this product at a legitimate store, it is safe for them to consume. Parents must be adamant about checking for this type of product around their home and make sure that their teen understands the dangers of using this drug.

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