Gang Detectives Investigate Non Injury Shooting in San Diego

by Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer on August 15, 2013

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On Tuesday July 17 gang detectives investigated a shooting that occurred in the San Ysidro area of San Diego. According to an officer of the San Diego police force, the shooting occurred slightly before 10:30 PM on Monday. The officer’s report also indicated that the shooting happened in the 100 block of East Park Avenue.

The police officer, Dino Delimitros, released a statement that said a 21-year-old man was walking his bicycle at the time. Another man nearby yelled out to him. Whatever he shouted was apparently a gang challenge. The individual who issued the challenge then discharged a firearm.

When all was said and done four shots had apparently been fired. In the statement, Delimitros said that one of the rounds had struck the bicycle. Apparently there were no real injuries as a result of the shooting. That does not free the individual who fired the gun of legal culpability, however.

Considering the fact that the shooting was prompted by a gang challenge, gang detective specialists were called in to investigate the crime. San Diego police employ special detectives who are trained to deal with gang violence. They also receive special training in gang identification and signs. This sort of information is imperative in a case like this.

Many officers are unable to tell the differences between various gang challenges, hence the necessity for special training. Gangs are identified by verbal challenges, certain uniform colors, distinct graffiti patterns and through flashing hand signs. That makes each organization recognizable. When rival gangs issue challenges to one another, some form of violence often breaks out as a result.

Violence can also arise from wearing the wrong colors in certain neighborhoods. When one gang is predominant, the colors of rival gangs can spark strong emotions. From a legal standpoint these organizations pose a unique problem. The right to assembly is guaranteed for all people, and thus street gangs are technically legal.

On the other hand any act of violence is usually not tolerated under the law. What constitutes defense of one’s self in these situations can be extremely murky. Provocations are often unintentional, though rival gangs will purposefully provoke one another.

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Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg is a Criminal Defense Attorney from San Diego, California. With extensive experience defending people arrested and accused of all types of criminal offenses, Michael can help you, too, if you're in trouble.
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer

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