The Most Common Strategies in DUI Defense

by tylercook on August 27, 2013

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If you believe it is impossible to fight a DUI charge you are mistaken. There are several variables that make a DUI case something that needs to be reviewed by a good attorney. With the right DUI defense, an attorney will be able to reduce your sentence, fine, or possibly have the case thrown out. An attorney will discuss different defenses and will focus on creating the best strategy for your particular case.

DUI Testing

When you are pulled over, the police officer will ask you to do a DUI test. Some people refuse to take the test, which normally causes them to be arrested. Others will take the test only to have the results show they were legally intoxicated. If you refused to take the test the attorney can work on turning your situation around. They can create a defense that helps you to keep your license and explains the reasons why you did not take the test. Another thing the attorney will do is challenge the results of the field sobriety test. Can they prove the police officer did not have probable cause to stop you? If you underwent blood alcohol testing there is a good chance the attorney can show why the results were flawed. Did the police officer perform the test correctly? The equipment used for blood alcohol testing is complicated and must be performed correctly to provide an accurate reading. This leaves a lot of room for an attorney to challenge the results of the DUI test.

Property Damage

A lot of people plead guilty to a DUI if they have damaged property in some way. Even though the evidence against you can be difficult to challenge, a good attorney knows how to take appropriate action to have the charges reduced. The attorney will examine all the evidence and will look for loopholes in the evidence to reduce the charges to less than a DUI, or even dismiss the charges. Results of the DUI test will be taken into consideration as the attorney looks at what methods they can use to fight the DUI correctly. It is imperative that you do your research on the attorney to find one that consistently gets DUI charges reduced or thrown out in cases that are similar to yours. This proves that they have the right experience and strategies that actually work in the courtroom.

Understanding DUI Penalties

Never plead guilty to a DUI without discussing the outcome with your attorney. A person facing a DUI charge can face a series of penalties, harsh driving punishments, and time in prison. It is important to beat the charges quickly since the attorney fees are costly and will continue to add up as long as your case is pending. There are multiple things that will play into the decision of a DUI charge. Have you been arrested for drunk driving in the past? Is this your first DUI charge? How high was your BAC? Was there any harm caused to property or other individuals as a result of the incident? Your attorney may not be able to get the charge thrown out, but he/she can work out arrangements to have you undergo treatment for alcohol abuse, opt for community service time, or other suspensions instead of having you serve time in prison.


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