The Consequences Of Being A Habitual DUI Offender

by Ladyblogger on December 27, 2012

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(US criminal law and practical advice) Getting even one DUI can cause widespread issues in your life. For example, there are many employers who make having a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license a condition of employment, and they can terminate you because of your DUI conviction. Even if your employer does not fire you, though, it can be very difficult to get to your job without a license. In some states, including Virginia, a single DUI conviction can lead to a one year license suspension, the confiscation of your vehicle, mandatory alcohol treatment and an interlock ignition system when your license is finally reinstated. As you can imagine, additional DUI charges will make your legal difficulties even worse.

Habitual Offenders

According to statistics that have been released by each state, approximately 33 percent of the people who are arrested for a DUI will eventually commit the same crime again. This number is shockingly large when you consider all of the penalties and fees that are associated with a single DUI offense. You also increase your chances of doing jail time if you are convicted of more than one DUI, but unfortunately, this does not seem to deter some people.

Increased Legal Penalties

As mentioned above, Virginia has strict laws for first time DUI offenders. If you commit an additional DUI in Virginia, you will have your license suspended for three years in addition to dealing with all of the other penalties again. A second offense also comes with approximately $2,500 in fines and the possibility of up to six months in jail. A third offense will carry up to $5,000 in fines and up to two years behind bars. As you can see, being an habitual DUI offender in Virginia is an easy way to lose a lot of money and spend time in jail. As for a DUI lawyer Arlington Virginia can be very profitable.

Can My License be Revoked for Life?

There are currently two states, Connecticut and Vermont, that have a law on the books that will enable them to revoke your license permanently after your third DUI offense. This does not mean that other states cannot do the same thing depending on the circumstances, but you will probably have to have more than three DUIs to deal with this issue in any other state. Interestingly, though, Vermont and Connecticut do not enforce some of the other common strict penalties for DUI offenders. For example, Vermont will not confiscate your vehicle after a DUI, and they also will not force you to use an interlock ignition device after your first or second offense. There is a lot of compelling evidence that suggests that interlock ignition devices are the best way to curb the problem of habitual DUI offenders, though, so this law might change in the future.

Because of the expense and the social shame that is often associated with a DUI, it can be very difficult on a relationship if an individual develops an habitual problem. After all, your partner will probably be called upon to help pay for your legal bills and to transport you to your court cases, and this can cause even a strong relationship to struggle if it happens more than once. Therefore, your best course of action is to avoid driving while you are drunk. If you are arrested for a DUI, though, you should hire an attorney who has a history of winning DUI cases. After all, even if it is your third offense, that does not mean that you will automatically lose your case.

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