Florida DUI Rates

by elizabeths on December 5, 2012

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According to Florida state law, you are breaking the law if you are operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or more. The state of Florida currently ranks 13th in number of DUI arrests among all 50 states, however DUI convictions have been decreasing with every passing year.

According to the Florida DMV there were 33,625 DUI convictions in 2011. Drunk driving-related accidents resulted in 660 deaths, and 27% of traffic fatalities were DUI-related. Although the numbers remain jarring and could use to see a great deal of improvement, statistics show that less and less drunk drivers are hitting Florida’s roads. Since 2009 drunk driving fatalities have dropped 15% and teen drunk driving has dropped 18%. Since 1982 the amount of registered Florida motorists has increased by 73%, but drunk driving fatalities have decreased by 38%.

Florida has a zero tolerance law that applies to any driver under the age of 21. Any first two DUI convictions are considered misdemeanors, and the third within 10 years and any subsequent DUIs are felonies. DUI convictions in Florida remain on driving records for 75 years. Penalties for a first DUI conviction in the state include a fine of $250 – $500, community service of 50 hours, probation of less than one year, imprisonment for no more than nine months, license revocation for at least 180 days and 12 hours of DUI school.

Jacksonville DUI defense lawyer Mark Rosenblum urges Florida residents who have been arrested for a DUI to choose a criminal defense lawyer with more than just an aggressive approach. Often times, a DUI arrest does not always lead to a conviction, and with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer, a positive outcome can be achieved through tact and negotiation.




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