Which States Have the Fewest Car Accidents?

by tylercook on September 7, 2013

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Car accidents are a major problem for the United States. Motor-vehicle deaths are the leading cause of death for children ages two to 14. It’s a growing concern for parents, drivers and insurance companies across the country. States with the fewest car accidents may be the safest for driving.

Travel Fatalities by State

Car accidents do not necessarily mean that there are fatalities or serious injuries, but fatalities are, of course, a major concern. Total fatalities appear to have declined from 1990 until 2009, but there are some states in which fatalities are many fewer than those in other states.

In 2009, the District of Columbia had one of the lowest fatality rates at 29 deaths. Arkansas followed with only 64 fatalities. Vermont and Rhode Island also had fewer than 80 deaths from car accidents that year.

Other states in the country have relatively high rates of car fatalities. New York, California, Florida and North Carolina are among the states with the highest fatalities.

State Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

Crash statistics are important for a number of reasons. They let people know where it is safer to drive and where it may be riskier. These statistics also influence the amount that insured drivers pay for car insurance, which can be either a burden or a blessing.

In 2010 (much like in 2009), the District of Columbia had 24 crashes that resulted in fatalities. This is one of the lowest areas with car accidents in the country, followed by Vermont and Rhode Island.

What Can Lower Car Accident Rates?

Car accidents can be lowered by the use of seatbelts and safe driving. Roughly 50 percent of car injuries and deaths can be reduced if drivers and passengers wear seatbelts while driving. The implications of driving without a seatbelt are serious, and the risk is far too great. Men are 10 percent less likely to wear seatbelts, and that increases their risk of death or injury from car accidents.

More than 2.3 million adults are hospitalized from car accidents each year. Driving safely with proper restraints is the best way to prevent this from happening and to lower the numbers of car accident statistics across the nation.

Large Trucks and Car Accidents

There has been an 8.3 percent increase in large-truck accidents in the United States. This is likely due to drivers being sleep deprived and more likely to drive carelessly while on the road for long hours. Large-truck fatalities involving multiple vehicles have increased about 16 percent in the last few years, as well. This is a dramatic spike that needs to be monitored.


States with the fewest car accidents include the District of Columbia, Arkansas and Vermont.

Car accidents affect everyone. Regardless of what state you’re driving in, be mindful when behind the wheel and always wear a seatbelt (and require that passengers do the same). Doing what you can to avoid reckless driving is important to maintain safety and health for all drivers and passengers in your car. Fewer car accidents can mean lower insurance rates and safer roads for everyone on the road each day.


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