What Are The Major Concerns For a Burn Victim? 

by Criminal Defence Blawg on June 2, 2021

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People can get major burns over any part of their body and it is important to know whether they need to get immediate medical attention or not. While it is obvious in some cases, there are some that people wrongly try to let heal on its own. This can be very dangerous, even fatal.

Before one consults any burn injury attorneys, it’s important to know what to be concerned about.

The Severity

First-degree burns are only surface burns, like sunburn. Second-degree burns are more worrisome, since two layers of skin are burned, and there is swelling and there may be possible scarring.

The worst burns are third degree. Every layer of skin along with muscle is burned. People who are burned at this level may not even feel pain in the area since their nerve endings may be damaged.

How Much of One’s Body Is Burned

The more of one’s body that has suffered burn damage, the more serious it is. That is because more organs can be affected and the possibility of them shutting down increases. The less area affected, the better, but it all depends on what area has the third-degree burns.

Complications of Burns

Medical staff have to look out for these things in burn victims:

  • Bacterial infection – Unfortunately, things can build up around the burn and cause problems.
  • Sepsis – This is when the bacteria makes its way into the bloodstream and causes an infection.
  • Hypothermia – A burn victim can have their body temperature plummet, which is very dangerous.
  • Loss of fluids, including blood – This is a major problem and may require transfusions or intravenous fluids.
  • Smoke inhalation – This can cause great damage to the patient’s lungs and make breathing very difficult.

Things to Look Out For

When the patient is recuperating, there are things to watch for:

  • Infection – Their body is fighting to heal and their weakened immune system can allow an infection to set in.
  • Slow Healing – Same as above, their weakened state makes healing go much more slowly
  • Scarring – There may be permanent scars that may require surgical grafts. Some people have scars on their face and other body parts that make them extremely self-conscious.

Third-degree burns can be terrifying for victims and their family members. If it was from a defective product or someone’s negligence, then they need to talk to a lawyer to see what compensation they deserve. They need to heal first before taking that important step, though.

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