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by Criminal Defence Blawg on May 16, 2011

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Welcome to Criminal Defence Blawg. This is a legal news service on criminal law for criminal defence lawyers, solicitors, advocates and the general public including those convicted of crimes or seeking advice from a criminal solicitor.Criminal defence blawg image

Some of the most common criminal law issues relate to assault, misuse of drugs, breach of the peace, rape and other sexual offences, road traffic law, murder, culpable homicide or attempted crimes.

For advice from criminal lawyers in Edinburgh, contact McSporrans on 0131 557 9151.
For advice from criminal lawyers in Glasgow, contact Beltrami & Company on 0141 429 2262.

Criminal Defence Blawg

Criminal Defence Blawg

Criminal law blogger at CriminalDefenceBlawg
Criminal Defence Blawg is a criminal law blog, sharing legal expertise and intelligence from the UK, US, Australia and beyond. Contributions from those who share great legal information. Want to get published? Contact us today.
Criminal Defence Blawg
Criminal Defence Blawg

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  • http://criminaldefencesolicitors.wordpress.com Peter Knox

    I look forward to more articles on criminal law. Nothing much juicy going on at the minute, how about a piece on R v Appiah and Joint Enterprise

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