Financial Crimes – Getting Advice & Representation

by MJP solicitors on April 18, 2013

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Financial crimes throughout England and Wales can be investigated and prosecuted by various authorities such as the police and HMRC. In fact HM Revenue and Customs have the equivalent powers to the police and other bodies.

With cuts to budgets and money needing to be made bodies are more than ever pressured into seeking prosecution for financial crimes in an attempt to recover the money gained by the offence.

A few examples of financial crime offences include: –

  • money laundering
  • commercial fraud
  • tax evasion
  • mortgage fraud
  • bribery and corruption
  • insider dealing and market abuse

Finding yourself under investigation for a financial crime can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety on both yourself as well as family, friends and work life. It is therefore important to seek advice and representation from a legal firm that has experience and knowledge in the area of law you are charged with.

Evidence in financial crimes usually involves a lot of historical paper work as well as electronic evidence. The evidence can be extremely complex as cross-referencing of the data is usually required over a number of years. This is another reason why you should representation from an experienced firm, small details can be easily missed if you do not know what you are looking for.

A professional firm will be able to guide you through each stage of the investigation such as police interviews, restraint orders, court appearances etc. which will help to relieve the stresses of the investigation. They are also able to instruct barristers and specialist experts in financial forensics to help build up your defence.

If you are convicted of a financial crime then it is possible the authorities will issue a proceeds of crime (POCA) against you. A proceeds of crime are issued to remove any benefit that has been obtained from the offence.

As with all offences you should seek legal advice as early as possible, preferably before the first interview if possible. This allows the solicitors to have the time to go over the avenues, evidence and provide fitting legal advice and representation. If you are due to be interviewed under caution you should seek representation beforehand as the first interview is very important and when under pressure you may say something that could harm your defence later on in the investigation.

About the author: If you find yourself facing an investigation or are charged with a financial crime offence then MJP solicitors provide advice and representation throughout England and Wales on all matters. You can view more information about our services on our financial crime website.

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