Do Diet Drinks Increase Alcohol Levels?

by Randy Collins on March 7, 2013

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Many social drinkers mix diet soda with alcoholic beverages to boost the taste or reduce calories consumed. However, there’s a huge downside to this common practice and it includes a higher chance for getting arrested for DUI. Studies prove that diet soda directly affects higher blood alcohol readings.

Why do Diet Drinks Increase Alcohol Readings?

The science behind this phenomenon lies in learning more about how calories work inside the body. Medical professionals agree that calories delay alcohol processes by the liver and brain. As a result, it only makes sense that lower calories consumed will speed up the passage of alcohol through the blood.

An assistant professor at the Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights also depicted how taking a Breathalyzer test on a full stomach decreased one’s blood alcohol count or BAC by a stunning 57%.

Other factors that may affect how quickly or slowly alcohol passes through the bloodstream include how fast or slow the alcoholic beverage was consumed.

In addition, the consumer’s body size plays a role in Breathalyzer readings. Food, medicines, age, and gender are also influences for BAC results. For more information about how diet drinks and juices affect intoxication, reference this in-depth study “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research”.

Substances That Affect Positive Alcohol Readings

A DUI attorney may argue that other substances, medicines, or even ailment may contribute to a positive alcohol reading, even when the accused did not consume alcohol.

As an example, the common mouthwash, Listerine, has at least 27% alcohol in its contents. Breathalyzer tests conducted shortly after this hygienic routine may come out to be positive. These standardized breathalyzer tests check for alcohol in the lungs, and as a measure of the amount of alcohol in the blood. However, numerous studies prove that mouth alcohol is just that – alcohol that is present in the mouth from substances like antiseptics or dental implants.

Diabetics also, are often accused of DUI, and again, medicine helps to prove how these readings are false.
Be Safe While Drinking

To prevent accidents, as well as tedious legal battles for DUI, be sure to call a cab when drinking, or assign a designated driving for the evening or daytime. Each year, DUI contributes to thousands of injuries and deaths in the United States alone. As such, it’s imperative to exercise precautions when drinking – even without diet soda.

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Randy Collins
Randy Collins is an Orange County, California criminal defense attorney that assists those who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses. When I am not assisting people with their legal matters I enjoy sports, legal research, and spending time with my family.
Randy Collins
Randy Collins

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