Brave Customer Fends off Suspect During an Attempted Robbery

by Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer on August 4, 2013

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According to San Diego police, there was an altercation at an electronics store in the suburban Clairemont Mesa region. On Tuesday July 16 an armed gunman walked into a Radio Shack. The individual apparently wanted to rob the store.

The attempted armed robbery was reported at 8:45 PM on Monday according to a report issued by San Diego police Officer Dino Delimitros. The Radio Shack in question is located at the Genesee and Balboa avenues. According to the report, the individual was wearing a white T-shirt tied around his face, ostensibly to obscure his identity. This is a relatively common tactic among criminals.

When the man attempted to rob the store, he ended up getting involved in a physical confrontation with a customer who didn’t seem to be involved in the attempt in any other way. The would-be robber then ran out of the business empty-handed, according to the police statement. There were no reports of injuries.

Self-defense is always a sketchy topic. Some legal activists have sought to make the use of force something like a state monopoly. Others have sought to consider all aspects of violence to be some form of self-defense. In reality a majority of individuals working in the legal profession would consider the truth to lie somewhere between these two extremes.

Most analysts would agree that individuals have an inherent right to protect themselves and their property from genuine damage. The issue of what actually constitutes self-defense comes into play. Some individuals have argued that certain defense tactics are too harsh to be used in certain situations while others have stated that the objective of being well protected is extremely important. Police are naturally not always present.

Regardless of these debates it does not currently seem like this was anything more than a physical altercation. As details are still scare at the moment speculation would be imprudent. Nevertheless, nothing seems to suggest that the individual in question had used any unnecessary force. Since the reports called this a physical altercation, it seems as though only the gunman had a weapon. That sort of information would be used in a potential assault case.

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Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg is a Criminal Defense Attorney from San Diego, California. With extensive experience defending people arrested and accused of all types of criminal offenses, Michael can help you, too, if you're in trouble.
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael S. Berg - Criminal Defense Lawyer

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