Anti Social Behaviour legislation should be reviewed and simplified

by Ralli on May 22, 2012

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Stuart Page, Associate & Serious Crime Solicitor

Stuart Page, Associate & Serious Crime Solicitor

The current regime has led to orders being made and then quashed against a wife who was living in the same household as her husband.

Orders have also been made against people with mental incapacity when there is a specific requirement for the order to be in understandable terms indefinite orders have been made and then quashed so clearly the courts have not been given a set of legislation which is understandable and clear.

If a person is made the subject of an order and hen appeals the order they appeal to the Crown Court and then the Court of Appeal the process could take well over 12 months and by then the circumstances may well have changed as to why the order was required in the first place.

It will be interesting to see what the detailed proposals are from the current Home Secretary.

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