Family prosecuted for £20 million credit scam

by Criminal Defence Solicitors on January 12, 2013

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A Manchester-based family has been successfully prosecuted for criminal offences after they admitted running an elaborate credit scam potentially worth millions of pounds.

Brothers Kevin Pomeroy and Daniel Pomeroy pretended to be high-flying executives from a variety of high-profile companies in the fraudulent scheme, with Kevin’s wife, Julie Pomeroy, laundering the ill-gotten gains.

The scheme preyed on the willingness of large electronics and consumer-goods businesses to send samples of their products to executive directors. The Pomeroy brothers would pretend to be executives from McDonalds and Greggs to request that the targetted businesses send electronic and consumer-good products to them on credit. The goods would then be delivered to addresses across Manchester and collected by the Pomeroys – but never paid for.

The companies (including big-name brands such as Samsung, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Electrolux and HMV) became aware that the were being scammed after the failure to pay was recognised and internal investigations were launched. The credit scam was later reported to the police, leading to the family instructing criminal defence lawyers to try and defend them.

During the life of the scam the Pomeroy, according to the Manchester Evening News, lived “lavish lifestyles”, allowing Kevin Pomeroy to lavishly furnish his £350,000 and for his wife to pay the mortgage for their house in cash. It also allowed both him and his wife to buy a Range Rover and Audi A5 and it is believed that the couple may also own an apartment in Spain.

The police investigation resulted in the Pomeroys (and an accomplish) being arrested and charged on various counts of fraud and money-laundering. The Criminal Prosecution later pursued a prosecution against those charged with the offences and the case went to court this month. Kevin Pomeroy has admitted two charges of conspiracy to defraud by false representation while Daniel Pomeroy and one other have admitted one charge of fraud. Kevin Pomeroy and Julie Pomeroy have also admitted charges relating to money laundering.

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