Responsibilities of an Assault Lawyer

by screwlords on July 2, 2012

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(US law and general) Assault and battery charges are branches of criminal offenses. Assault and battery though two different criminal acts, usually form two components of a single criminal offense. Assault is a threat to physically harm somebody. And battery is the actual physical harm done to a person. Factually, battery charges are applicable, if you are involved in intentional touching someone without the person’s wish. Here the noteworthy point is that battery charges will be constituted even if the physical touching does not result in any injury to the victim.

If you were involved in fight and have caused any significant injuries to the other person, you will need an assault lawyer to handle your case and represent you. If you are the offender, lawyer will prove that the threat was reasonable for the circumstance and might not repeat at some other time in future. However, if you are the victim to assault and battery, lawyer will represent your case to seek coverage for the damages occurred.

Responsibilities of an Assault Lawyer
Assault lawyers have to handle some of the most sensitive cases related to criminal offenses, wherein the client as well as the opponent party might have got involved in a fight and caused injury to each other. However, an assault lawyer has to represent his clients to prove that the reason for the injury was reasonable.

An assault lawyer can help you in cases, when you are accused, charged or arrested for any type of assault either criminal or domestic assault. He is the best and the most experienced person to turn to. He acts quickly to ensure that all the facts and information are recorded after the event. He also gathers evidences and information that is in favor of your case.

He will listen to your case so as to act on your behalf. An assault accusation can turn your life upside down and you may be forced with compromised civil liberties. Your lawyer will help you and work to protect your reputation.

Usually an assault lawyer acts aggressively and starts on attack on the prosecution at the start of the case to ensure that any weaknesses in the prosecution case are challenged. Hence, seeking an assault lawyer as quickly as possible after being charged or arrested for assault, is important.

Like other various types of lawyers, an assault lawyer too obtains a degree from law school and then a license from state bar to start practicing law. As a prerequisite, an assault lawyer has to first complete almost 7 years of higher school studies. Any law school that is affiliated to the American Bar Association (ABA) requires a student to obtain Bachelor’s degree from any discipline to seek admission to a law school.

Along with a Bachelor’s degree, law schools need you to pass a centralized entrance test with good scores before you can get admission to any ABA affiliated law school. In the law school, you will be taught basic law system and in second third year, assault law. During law school studies, pursue internships with assault law firms to gain practical knowledge of the field.

Assault lawyers are your legal advocates who help you fight malicious assault charges on you or if found guilty, they will negotiate your sentence and protect your reputation in the civil society. Such lawyers earn an average salary of $76,000 annually.

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