Domestic Violence and Post Traumatic Stress: Will Victims Have to Fight for Disability Benefits?

by jamicajdb on July 5, 2013

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Teddy Bears and Bruises

Domestic Violence and Post Traumatic Stress: Will Victims Have to Fight for Disability Benefits?

Post-traumatic stress syndrome is an emotional disorder that can cause physical problems along with the emotional pain that is felt. This syndrome occurs as a result of severe emotional trauma that could have come from disturbing events.

Post-traumatic stress is often associated with people who have served in a war, those who have been through a disaster, or someone who has suffered through a very emotional experience. However, it is not usually associated with domestic violence, even though it should.

Emotional Damage of Domestic Violence

When you think of domestic violence, you think of physical abuse. It is a common misconception that the only type of real abuse is physical. Most victims of domestic violence undergo more emotional trauma than physical abuse, and this emotional trauma can be more debilitating than someone who has not been abused can imagine.

Many victims of domestic violence, when removed from the situation, simply cannot cope outside of the abusive environment. They are terrified to leave their homes, cannot socially interact with anyone on any level, are unable to hold a job, and in most cases they will return to the abuser so that they can be told what to do.

These victims often find that they are so emotionally distraught and unstable that they need counseling and other medical care for their nervous state. Some can adjust to living outside of the abusive relationship; however, many simply remain emotionally disabled.

Post-Traumatic Stress and Disability Claims

At this time, it is possible to file a claim for disability benefits if you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. However, it is important to realize that the claims process for getting disability benefits is often long and frustrating, and most claims, regardless of merit, are denied the first time.

Using a disability firm to help with the claim process can almost ensure that you are not denied on the first try. While it is not a guarantee, it is very beneficial because the firm knows exactly what the disability agents are looking for to approve a claim. If, perchance, the claim is denied, the firm can aggressively fight this decision through an appeals process that is guaranteed to every applicant. Resources like, the National Council on Disability, and local organizations are helpful sources of support and information.

Disability insurance is there for people that are suffering with a debilitating disorder. It is there to make sure that someone who is unable to support themselves has the money they need for the basic necessities of life.

Domestic Violence Is Real

It has been said that many claims of domestic violence are simply “in the mind” of the victim. When there is little or no physical evidence to be seen, non-victims simply believe that there is not any abuse taking place. The truth is, emotional abuse does not have to have any physical signs, but it can still cause excessive emotional trauma.

This trauma can make it impossible to function in normal society. The victim can suffer panic attacks and have anxiety issues. The emotional scars can make it impossible to be around other people, cause fear to leave the home, or even make it difficult to speak.

Post-traumatic stress syndrome is very real. Anyone suffering from this disorder should seek assistance from a medical professional and apply for disability benefits until they can manage the problem accordingly. There is no need to suffer in silence when help is available to experience a better quality of life.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and contributes this article to provide a helpful tool for victims of violent relationships. Marc Whitehead and Associates is a national disability claims law firm that represents victims who have developed post traumatic stress disorder as a result of domestic violence, as well as individuals who have been denied disability benefits.

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