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Special Considerations for Children’s Injury Cases

October 24, 2013

Learning that a child has been injured in an accident is distressing for parents.  Discovering that the injury was preventable as it was due to another person’s negligence makes the situation even more devastating.  Unfortunately, every day children are injured or killed in accidents.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) each year over […]

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Engineer jailed for eight months after making fraudulent personal injury claim

July 9, 2013

A Sunderland engineer has been jailed for eight months after he was caught on camera playing rugby whilst purportedly making a claim for £923,000 for injuries to his wrist. Mr David Ribchester, 31, made a claim for personal injury after he received injuries to his wrists and hands in a workplace accident in February 2006. […]

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Car Accidents vs. Gun Deaths Stats

June 18, 2013

Among the most common ways that people die in the US are car accidents. Gun deaths get a lot more publicity, possibly because of the sensationalism of some of the cases or the outright tragedy involved in others. Children shooting each other accidentally, for instance, is a tragic situation that reporters cover all too often. […]

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Cause for Car Accidents: Deadly Snooze

June 17, 2013

John and Penny, with their two children ages 6 months and 4 years old, started their “summer vacation” by packing up the car and heading west to family reunion right after John returned home from work.  The couple decided to leave right after work so their children would sleep in the car, hopefully through the night.  By […]

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer

June 13, 2013

Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer Even though charges brought up against you seem like the most challenging part of a criminal case, finding the right lawyer proves otherwise. Not only are you looking for a lawyer that is affordable, but you want one that is experienced and reputable as […]

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Keep Your Guns: Come to Texas

June 7, 2013

Gun owners across the U.S. proclaim that they have the right to “bear arms” under the protection of the 2nd Amendment and many gun owners alike will argue that they must protect themselves and their properties.  However, far too often, and statistics will show, that guns end up in the hands of the inexperienced and the […]

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What to Do When Your Child Is Accused of Bullying

April 19, 2013

The contemporary digital age has surely brought its advantages and disadvantages. The ability to communicate immediately has “virtually” taken over as the younger generation becomes the first to be exposed to the technology during their entire lives. However, digital technology does not keep young people from being young people and the capabilities for harassing communication […]

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What Is Premises Liability and Why Do I Need a Lawyer

January 28, 2013

Any person who owns property is responsible for the safety of any person that they invite onto their property. If any person injures themselves as the result of a slip or fall, equipment on the property, or the actions of the property owner, then they are entitled to damages to cover their medical costs. Accidents […]

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What Happens if I Don’t Report Injury in a Car Accident Right Away?

December 25, 2012

Traveling in a car is a dangerous event. In fact, some experts believe that it is more hazardous than commuting by boat, train, or even airplane. Unfortunately, most individuals cannot afford to travel in the aforementioned way, and instead must rely on their car, truck, or SUV on a daily basis. Despite one’s best efforts, […]

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How to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

December 18, 2012

The holidays are considered by many individuals to be a time for celebration with friends, family, and other loved ones. Caroling, enjoying tasty food, and simply reminiscing are all popular activities during this time of year. Unfortunately, in some cases, individuals consume excessive amounts of alcohol during holiday events—which can lead to a DUI citation. […]

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