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Philadelphia DUI? Steps You Should Take Before Going to Trial

September 2, 2013

Philadelphia DUI? Steps You Should Take Before Going to Trial   Being arrested can be a particularly harrowing experience for first-time defendants. Without a careful and considered approach to managing one’s legal affairs, innocent parties can be baited into making incriminating statements and the less innocent parties may have their rights violated. Anyone arrested for […]

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What You Should Know About Drunk Driving Defenses

June 24, 2013

(Michigan law and generally) Penalties for drunk driving can be quite severe however; there is a way out if you are able to mount a convincing defense. If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence and want to fight it out in court you need to understand all the drunk […]

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Can A DUI Affect Employment?

April 11, 2013

(Guest post; mainly based on criminal laws in the United States) DUI is an acronym for driving under the influence. DWI (driving while intoxicated) is the other phrase that is commonly used to refer to DUI. Whereas DUI is widely regarded as a misdemeanor in the United States, the consequences for operating an automobile while […]

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Surprising Facts about Breathalyzers and Their Impact

February 25, 2013

When breathalyzers were first introduced, they were thought to be the answer to the many problems in field sobriety testing. Prior to their use, police officers had to rely on hand-eye coordination testing on the side of the road, the actions of the driver, and possibly the smell of alcohol to determine if someone was […]

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DUI’s Can Cost You In Many Ways

February 6, 2013

(US law and generally) Convictions for driving under the influence can be very expensive. Intoxicated motorists face a wide array of direct and indirect costs that add up to a size-able sum. Even a first-time offender may lose several thousand dollars before the ordeal is complete. In some states, this is effectively guaranteed by mandatory […]

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The High Cost Of Getting A DUI

January 2, 2013

Anyone who is convicted of a DUI is going to deal with a lot of fines and penalties, and the cost can often be overwhelming. For example, the basic fine in Pennsylvania for a first time DUI is only $300, but this does not factor in the cost of legal representation and time lost from […]

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What if I Refuse the DUI Breath Test?

November 9, 2012

Each state has its own rules and procedures to follow in dealing with driving under the influence (DUI). But for general purposes, there are common grounds by which states agree on. A blood alcohol content test is a procedure necessary to establish proof and evidence on implied driving under the influence charges. Chemical tests and […]

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The Basics of DUI and DWI Laws

October 2, 2012

Your first course of action when facing a DUI or DWI charge is consulting a DWI lawyer. A DWI lawyer will have the experience necessary to understand the specific laws related to each charge in your specific state. Laws regarding punishments for intoxicated driving are different for every state, so it is important to seek […]

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What to Expect if Convicted of a DUI/DWI

August 3, 2012

(US criminal law) Drinking and driving is nothing to joke about and even if you have a beautiful Ford Mustang with all types of after-market Mustang accessories and Ford Mustang parts for higher performance, the police will still take you to jail. If you have been convicted of a DUI or a DWI, then you […]

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Celebrities Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

August 3, 2012

When one is charged with a DUI it seems the “innocent until proven guilty” belief goes out the window. Automatically, without proper investigation, the individual charged will be presumed guilty by nearly everyone. This is so even when there could be mechanical failures of the breath testing equipment itself or failure for the officer to […]

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