Was Johnnie Cochran The Greatest Criminal Attorney Of All Time?

February 26, 2013

Is he the best? Or Just the Most Famous? Johnnie Cochran will always be best remembered as the criminal attorney who defended O.J. Simpson in the most publicly presented murder case in the history of the world. Back when Simpson was on trial for the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, televised trials were […]

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What is the offence of forgery?

February 18, 2013

Forgery is an offence which often crops up in the news (for example, the recent charging of Sir David Jones with a forgery-related offence or the suspended sentence that a police officer received after forging a statement). However, although the public has an abstract understanding of what forgery entails, there’s a lack of knowledge as […]

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Robbery Prevention Tips for the Small Business Owner

February 10, 2013

Robbers don’t only target homes. In fact, many robbers look for small businesses that are easy targets from which they can make a fast getaway. If you want to prevent a robbery, and keep both your business and your employees safe, you’ve got to follow a few basic safety tips. 1.Keep Windows Clear It can […]

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So You Had Your Identity Stolen. Now how do you save your credit?

January 21, 2013

Being deep in debt is a thoroughly unpleasant experience, especially when it is due to other people’s criminal activity, such as identity fraud. People who have experienced overwhelming debt describe it as a “crushing feeling” akin to drowning or asphyxiation. Debt is a major cause of personal stress and marital problems. Even when it’s not […]

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4 Criminals Who Got Away With It

January 14, 2013

If you’ve ever seen a news report or read an article about a potential crime gone awry thanks to the lawbreaker’s own moronic actions, it’s easy to assume that most thieves aren’t the brightest bulbs in the bunch. Falling asleep on someone’s couch during a burglary or attempting to pay for items with counterfeit bills […]

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Family prosecuted for £20 million credit scam

January 12, 2013

A Manchester-based family has been successfully prosecuted for criminal offences after they admitted running an elaborate credit scam potentially worth millions of pounds. Brothers Kevin Pomeroy and Daniel Pomeroy pretended to be high-flying executives from a variety of high-profile companies in the fraudulent scheme, with Kevin’s wife, Julie Pomeroy, laundering the ill-gotten gains. The scheme […]

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What to Expect if Convicted of Benefit Fraud in the UK

January 5, 2013

Information regarding benefit fraud in the UK Committing benefit fraud can lead you to being fined or even sent to prison, so what can you expect if you are suspected or subsequently found guilty? What is Benefit Fraud? The fundamental aspects of proven benefit fraud are when you deliberately fail to report a change in […]

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Tips on Spotting a Bad Driver on the Road

January 2, 2013

A good Clearwater personal injury lawyer has examined nearly every kind of car accident — and every kind of car accident driver. Some of these bad drivers are easy to spot on the road, but how often do you really notice them? Next time you’re moving along in traffic, keep an eye out for these […]

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5 Common Clues Found At Crime Scenes

June 26, 2012

Below is a criminal blog post explaining 5 Common Clues Found At Crime Scenes. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Michael Melchiorre Every crime scene is different. Some are chaotic and unsettling; others seem almost undisturbed. Regardless of the setting, every investigation begins with a thorough assessment of the evidence at hand. Clues that will […]

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