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Drowsy And Distracted: Just How Safe Are Those Big Rig Drivers?

August 21, 2013

Drowsy And Distracted: Just How Safe Are Those Big Rig Drivers? According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, large trucks account for merely four percent of vehicles. Yet, 11 percent of all vehicle fatalities involve large trucks. Generally, over 5,000 people die in big rig crashes in which three-quarters were occupants of other vehicles […]

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Should it Be Illegal to Drive While Sleep-Deprived?

August 21, 2013

Getting behind a vehicle while sleep deprived has been an increasing problem among U.S. drivers. It has become such a problem, in fact, that the legalities of driving while drowsy have been called into question. While some lawmakers want to make it illegal to drive without adequate rest, others believe a “driving-while-drowsy” law would be […]

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Legally Laughing

July 18, 2013

Despite the law taking road accident claims very seriously, there have been statements recorded in the courts in the US that have raised a smile or two. We have listed a few statements below that the court reporters have noted down – hopefully keeping a straight face! (source) 1. Lawyer: “What gear were you in at […]

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Should Driving While Eating Be Prohibited?

July 17, 2013

Currently there is not a nationwide law that prohibits eating while driving. Anyone can drive and eat, but if an accident occurs then the driver can face negligence charges. There are a number of accidents every year that are the result of carelessness while driving. The question remains, should driving while eating be prohibited? Why […]

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Are Photo Enforced Tickets Truly Necessary?

July 15, 2013

There are over 313.9 million citizens in the United States of America, with about 240 million drivers enrolled. These statistics increase the rate of reckless drivers engaging in fatal endangerments. This hindrance is said to be alongside the top public safety concerns of the residents in the country to date. Conserving regulations in regard to […]

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High profile speeding cases

July 4, 2013

There’s always been a link between the rich and famous and fast cars. But every now and again their need-for-speed will end up landing them in trouble. Here are ten cases of well known stars of stage, screen and sport who have flouted speeding laws and the punishment that was dished out to them. Katie […]

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Cause for Car Accidents: Deadly Snooze

June 17, 2013

John and Penny, with their two children ages 6 months and 4 years old, started their “summer vacation” by packing up the car and heading west to family reunion right after John returned home from work.  The couple decided to leave right after work so their children would sleep in the car, hopefully through the night.  By […]

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Marijuana Use and Car Accidents

May 27, 2013

Operating a vehicle under the influence of any drug can be extremely dangerous not only for the driver, but for everyone else on the road with that driver. Although a recent study highlighted that some teenagers don’t feel that marijuana impairs their ability to drive, accidents from marijuana users can be fatal. Most teenagers smoking […]

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NJ to Enact More Severe Punishments for violating Hands-Free Cell Phone Law

May 2, 2013

In 2004, New Jersey was the second state in the nation to enact a  “hands-free” cell phone law, requiring drivers in NJ to use a hands free device when speaking on a cell phone. Drivers who violate this rule can be fined $100 but will see no points. Just last month, New Jersey voted to […]

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10 Commonly Broken Driving Laws

April 25, 2013

This is a guest post by Chris Turberville-Tully, who works with HR Owen, a luxury car dealership in England. Think you’ve seen all the stunts and commonly broken laws on the road? Just be the passenger when a prospective client is test driving one of your cars. You’ll change your mind! When it comes to […]

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