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Traits and Abilities Every Aspiring Trial Lawyer Should Possess

September 26, 2013

Trial lawyers are those who take on cases that are challenging and have a great likelihood of going to trial. While all lawyers are required to possess good negotiation and verbal skills, there is a certain art to being a successful and highly sought-after trial lawyer. Whether you are hiring a trial lawyer or aspiring […]

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Falsey Accused? Six Reasons For False Rape Raps

September 16, 2013

It’s a four-letter word that staggers the senses and enrages the emotions — rape. Perhaps second only to murder in the pecking order of violent crimes, this physically demeaning and abusive treatment, upon conviction, deserves the harshest and most severe penalties. Violating the sanctity of human expression through physical intimacy, rapists are vile individuals in need […]

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The Growing Offense of Internet Enticement

September 4, 2013

(US law) Most of us have watched Nightline’s To Catch a Predator.  The series is about chat room sexual predators, and how many people willingly walk into a trap carefully arranged by local law enforcement agencies. Craigslist, while being useful in many ways, has also been a hotspot for various scams and criminal activities.  Recently, […]

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Avoiding Criminal Charges in an Accident Case

August 23, 2013

(US law ) Car accidents are traumatic events. They are frightening, time-consuming and potentially injurious to yourself and others. A car accident can cost you money in increased insurance rates and repairs. And, if things go very badly, you could risk losing your freedom if the police charge you with a crime in relation to […]

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Gang Detectives Investigate Non Injury Shooting in San Diego

August 15, 2013

On Tuesday July 17 gang detectives investigated a shooting that occurred in the San Ysidro area of San Diego. According to an officer of the San Diego police force, the shooting occurred slightly before 10:30 PM on Monday. The officer’s report also indicated that the shooting happened in the 100 block of East Park Avenue. […]

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FBI Nets Arrests in Oklahoma Child Sex Trafficking Sting

August 14, 2013

A recent FBI investigation into child sex trafficking made headlines when Operation Cross Country VII netted 150 arrests and rescued 105 minors aged 13 to 17 in 76 cities across the United States. Locally, three juveniles were rescued from sex trafficking, but media reports differ widely on the number of arrests in Oklahoma City, with […]

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Brave Customer Fends off Suspect During an Attempted Robbery

August 4, 2013

According to San Diego police, there was an altercation at an electronics store in the suburban Clairemont Mesa region. On Tuesday July 16 an armed gunman walked into a Radio Shack. The individual apparently wanted to rob the store. The attempted armed robbery was reported at 8:45 PM on Monday according to a report issued […]

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DWI Conviction for a Foreigner: Can this Contribute to a Deportation?

July 29, 2013

People who come to this country to work, study, or visit family are expected to follow the laws and avoid getting into legal trouble. When a foreigner is charged with driving while intoxicated, that person may wonder how this charge and any resulting punishment will affect his or her visitor status. In fact, being charged […]

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Best Ways For Young Lawyers To Deal With Opposing Counsel

July 24, 2013

Being a new attorney can be overwhelming. For many young lawyers, one of the biggest challenges in their new career is to deal with untrustworthy or rude or hostile opposing counsel. Every conversation from the opposing counsel’s end seems to spiral in to venomous words and threats. His every word drips with anger and sarcasm. […]

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Sex Crime Charges: An Overview of What They are and When They Can be Fought

July 18, 2013

Sex crimes present several unique challenges to defendants. In many cases, victims are reluctant to speak out, victims may not recall the incident with clarity, physical evidence is lacking, and prosecutors and society view sex offenders with a scorn not usually seen even among other types of criminals. This can easily lead to a rush […]

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