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Thieves Want your Car – One Piece at a Time

August 3, 2017

Today’s car thieves rarely hot-wire a vehicle and drive it out of the parking lot; instead, they steal its parts to sell piece by piece. Stealing an automobile is a bit more difficult today than it was in the past. Modern technology in anti-theft equipment has made it harder than ever for would-be thieves to […]

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10 Commonly Broken Driving Laws

April 25, 2013

This is a guest post by Chris Turberville-Tully, who works with HR Owen, a luxury car dealership in England. Think you’ve seen all the stunts and commonly broken laws on the road? Just be the passenger when a prospective client is test driving one of your cars. You’ll change your mind! When it comes to […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Getting a DUI

April 11, 2013

(US law) Few life experiences are as rattling as the flashing lights and siren of a patrol car suddenly assaulting your senses when you’re driving home at night. Are you about to get a DUI? Image Credit Follow these three tips to avoid a drunk driving arrest, and your odds of avoiding such a charge […]

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Do Home Breathalyzer Tests Really Work?

March 22, 2013

Home Breathalyzer Technology There’s a wide variety of home breathalyzers on the market today and consumers will find two technologies being used: semiconductor-based sensing technology and fuel cell technology. Fuel cell technology is also one of the main choices in law enforcement breathalyzers. It has higher precision and accuracy but many units are too expensive […]

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